4 Cool ways to include Rock Salt in your diet

Rock Salt, also known as pink salt or Himalayan salt, is a natural form of salt. Sourced from the hills of Himalayas, this salt is mined in a crystalline form. The color of the powdered version of this salt is what gives it the name of pink salt. Rock salt is often found in the Indian kitchen saved for days of fasting and a few special dishes.

Did you know that this salt has tons of health benefits? It is naturally rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium which add to its healing properties. Rock salt is extremely beneficial for our digestive system. It resolves digestive problems such as stomach pain, bloating, gas, and heartburn. In addition to this, rock salt helps the body absorb nutrients effectively. The minerals present in rock salt aid hydration by providing electrolytes which are essential for our well-being. Rock salt also helps maintain fluid regulation throughout the body.

Considering these benefits, having cooling drinks with rock salt as an ingredient can help maintain good health especially when temperatures are soaring. Rock salt adds a distinct taste that can turn any drink into a refreshing one. Try one of these Indian beverages to quench your thirst this summer.

Sol Kadi

Sol Kadi

Planning to host a big feast? Conclude it with Sol Kadi. This Konkani drink is made with kokum and coconut milk along with green chillies, garlic and hing. It is garnished with coriander and served chilled. Instead of using normal table salt, this recipe calls for rock salt to increase the digestive benefits of Sol Kadi. In addition to being a delicious drink, it also functions as an effective remedy for acidity.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna

This classic summer drink is made using cooked raw mangoes. Unripe, tart mangoes are boiled in a pressure cooker to create a pulp. This pulp is blended with sugar or jaggery along with spices such as cardamom powder, cumin powder, and black pepper. Rock salt is used in this recipe to enhance the tanginess, giving Aam Panna a unique flavour. As rock salt helps with hydration, combination of a seasonal fruit like mangoes and this salt can help you stay healthy during extreme heat.

Pudina Chass

Pudina Chaas

Chhaas or buttermilk is a regular feature in many Indian cuisines. Take the goodness of this drink to the next level by using mint leaves which add a refreshing and new taste. Making this digestive drink is extremely simple. Add the paste of mint leaves to curd, cold water, cumin powder and rock salt, and blend it well. Just like Sol Kadi, this drink will help with digestion after a spicy meal.



This Indian version of the classic lemonade is tastier and much more refreshing than the original. It includes roasted cumin powder and rock salt along with lemon, sugar and water. Shikanji is garnished with mint leaves. Addition of rock salt to this lemony beverage makes it a perfect choice to ensure proper hydration during summer months.

Apart from the above, you can also sprinkle rock salt on your salads or even cookies when looking for a great way to cut the sweetness. As you try these cool ways to add rock salt to you diet, always choose pure Himalayan Rock Salt with no additives or harmful chemicals. This magic ingredient can help you stay healthy and happy throughout the year.


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