Foods that are integral to the festival of Baisakhi

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah.      .

A tribute to Mother Nature, Baisakhi is a spring harvest festival, which is celebrated with loads of delicious food and oodles of love! The celebrations commemorate the start of the New Year for the Sikhs and the Punjabis. Baisakhi holds a special relevance and reverence for farmers, given that it marks the harvest of the winter produce. ‘Guru ka langar’ is organised and the whole community comes together and shares a lovely meal. 

Let’s break down the nutritional quotient for every key player on the Baisakhi table! Go right ahead, get out your stretchy pants and delight in all your favorite dishes! We've rounded up the most favorite and the most mouthwatering Baisakhi recipes that you definitely do not want to pass up!

  • Baisakhi recipes that are perfect for your festivities
  • Kadhi: Baisakhi is the time for the traditional Punjabi kadhi with scrumptious besan pakodas dunked in. Beyond being incredibly yummy, the kadhi is among the healthiest because it's packed with protein, pro-biotics and anti-oxidants. Here’s how to make besan kadhi! You could also throw in veggies of your choice, along with the pakodas to amp up the nutrition quotient. The yogurt curry pairs delightfully well with rice and is a comforting stronghold on the Baisakhi menu. Tata Sampann Besan is made from superior quality chana dal and is a low oil absorbing besan which lets you indulge in your favorite food!
  • Sarson da saag: Baisakhi celebrations are absolutely incomplete without the super loved Sarson da Saag! Delicious and nutritious! The gorgeous veggies - spinach, mustard greens and goosefoot greens provide a ton of nutrition. They are some of the most nutrient-dense veggies out there because they pack in oodles of vitamins and minerals and provide a generous serving of fibre. The greens perk up digestion, bolster immunity, facilitate weight loss, and thwart cancer – all in one serving! An effortlessly drool-worthy dish crammed with nutritional benefits!
  • Makke di roti: The Baisakhi special food - Sarson da Saag just doesn’t feel right without Makke di roti! Undoubtedly delicious, makke ka atta is loaded with carotenoids, which are robust anti-oxidants. Carotenoids decrease inflammation, enhance eye health, prevent cancer and pep up immunity. The flour also provides gut-friendly, waist whittling fibre. Serve your make di roti hot topped with a liberal dollop of butter; yum!
  • Dal MakhniThe showstopper for every Baisakhi meal! Black urad dal and rajma make a fabulous protein-packed combination which is nourishing and unquestionably drool-worthy! Punjabis have mastered the art of transforming lentils, legumes and veggies into a magical gourmet experience! Urad dal, rajma, onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and aromats are slow cooked in a pot and what emerges is truly divine! Nutmeg, kasuri methi, cream and butter are the real game-changers in the recipe.
  • Peele chawal: The quintessential Baisakhi food - Peele Chawal is a huge Punjabi delicacy that comprises of dry fruits, ghee, and sugar that’s amalgamated beautifully with Basmati rice. Saffron takes the dish to all-new heights! The recipe is moist, luscious and toothsome and serves up a potent bowl of goodness! Guilt-free decadence!
  • Kesar Phirni: This outrageously yummy milk-and-rice preparation is incredibly wholesome. Grabbing eyeballs at the Baisakhi festival, this gooey, decadent kheer has a generous amount of dry fruits and nuts, making it decidedly wholesome. The rice, nuts and milk give a tremendous protein and fibre boost; the cardamom and nutmeg give the dish a wonderful jolt; and you require only 5 ingredients to get your phirni together! The nuts give a brilliant crunch to the kheer and make for a gratifying contrast to the mushy rice!
  • Mango Lassi: The signature drink of Punjab, mango lassi is a naturally sweet, fibre-rich and anti-oxidant-loaded treat that will not ruin your diet! It’s an awesome explosion of flavour, colour and texture, and the perfect way to get nutrients! It packs in loads of protein and calcium from the dairy and vitamins A and C from the fruit.

This round-up of all the favorite and most loved dishes should be a part of this festive occasion. With a listing of powerhouse ingredients, you'll enjoy a satisfying Baisakhi meal that won't affect your cholesterol profile and will not spike your blood glucose levels.



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