Finger Foods For Party Nights

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These are absolutely scrumptious tried-and-tested finger food recipes that are perfect for a quick evening snack, for a party and for when the kids come home famished from school. Finger foods are a huge crowd pleaser when parties and holidays are in full spate! They are a great option when you wish to keep it straight forward and effortless, while at the same time you want to wow your audience and go beyond just making popcorn, sev puri or nachos!

Delicious and easy finger food recipes!

We’ve put together a fail-safe list of finger foods that are sure to be a rage with family and friends. These recipes have all been a hit at the parties, they are yummy and also have a strong element of being healthy!

• Handvo mini muffins: Muffin-sized spicy Indian cake or the Gujarati handvo is the way to go! This recipe is the epitome of nutrition and taste. Make it differently by baking it in a muffin pan. Kick it up a notch with loads of garlic, ginger and chilies, and add generous amounts of green peas, bottle gourd and carrots to amp up the health quotient. Dals that are the corner-stone of this recipe give a jumbo protein punch and keep you happily and healthily satisfied for a long period of time. It's one of those finger foods that are a crowd favorite and every single person will love!

• Pakodas: A timeless classic, you cannot go wrong with pakodas! Pakodas are incredibly easy to make, a classic and their simple flavour is wonderful. Select from the usual onion, capsicum, potato, brinjal, and paneer to make these flavourful bites! If you want a healthier version of the pakoda, you can also try Tata Sampann’s Moong Dal Vada Mix. This Moong Dal Vada Mix consists of unpolished moong dal flour, rice flour and just the right amount of spices. It contains no added flavor or preservatives. Serve them with good green chutney but if you're feeling rather daring, then get creative and make innovative dips! Don’t be surprised when these quickly vanish off the table.

• Paneer kebabs: Thanks to the tangy and hearty seasoning, these paneer kebabs are completely mind-blowing and ooze wholesomeness. Comprising of protein-loaded luscious cottage cheese marinated in a heavenly dressing; and colourful bell peppers which promise a strong antioxidant punch, this dish boasts of tremendous nutrition and eye-appeal. Elevate this recipe to the next level by using Tata Sampann Paneer Masala in your marinade.

• Achari potato rolls:Healthy Food RecipesAmaze your family and guests with these super yummy rolls! Stuffed with crispy savoury potatoes, lettuce, coriander, chaat masala and cheese; these rolls pair beautifully with coriander-mint-yogurt chutney. They are outstandingly delicious and exceptionally nutritious, a crowd-pleaser, as well as kid friendly.

• Whole wheat bruschetta: A fabulous finger food that is super quick to make and quite yummy! A perfectly healthy recipe, this one contains tomatoes, basil and garlic on top of healthy whole wheat bread with a hint of cheese. Sublimely flavourful, the bruschetta is such a crowd-pleaser when you’re entertaining a huge swarm of people.

• Capsicum and corn cutlets: These cutlets are chockfull of bell peppers and corn, along with potato as a base incorporate a little cheese in to these hors d'oeuvres, along with diced chilies for a spicy kick! Shallow fry this on a nonstick pan to reduce the oil used. Healthy and super filling, your family will be craving for more! It’s different, it’s nutritious and it has the right balance of flavours - savory, cheesy, spicy, tangy and crusty.

Try your hand at these creative and easy recipes that happen to be nutritious too. They are the right balance of healthy and indulgent for a party and sure to be a hit for all ages and audiences.


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