Everyday foods with exceptional protein content

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Protein is required for bulking up, expediting recovery, boosting repair of wear and tear, firing up your metabolism, enhancing brain power, facilitating weight loss, and achieving your flat-belly goals. It should be your aim to make protein the rock-star of every meal that you eat!

There is a huge assortment of options of protein-packed foods available, that you can enjoy from breakfast to lunch to snack-time, to dinnertime to before bed. Here’s an impressive round-up of the best protein sources which promise you remarkable health benefits.

  • Best proteins for every health goal
  1. Lentils: Lentils are loaded with proteins, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that greatly benefit your muscles, GI tract, heart and brain. Indeed, dals are one of the superlative protein rich foods for vegetarians! 100 grams of cooked dal provides you with 10 to 15 grams of the muscle-builder depending on the lentil that you choose. The protein and fibre content in dals is responsible for the fact that they get digested slowly, thereby keeping you fuller for longer, and supporting your weight loss efforts. Lentils are perfect for weight watchers – they facilitate weight loss, trim the belly and promise you a leaner, fitter body. Incorporate a bowl of dal in to your daily bill of fare; you could also add lentils to your soups, curries, kebabs, stir-fry veggies - to create a super healthy and super hearty meal! Tata Sampann dals are sourced from the best organic farms and are packaged in a scientific and hygienic manner, providing you with the very best.
  1. Pumpkin seeds: One of the very best high protein vegan foods, a fistful of roasted pumpkin seeds gives you a burst of protein and proffers an explosion of power for your workout. 1 oz. of pumpkin seeds gives you a massive 9 grams of the fantastic fat-blaster! Pumpkin seeds are crammed with protein, fibre, and healthy fats – these keep you feeling full for a long interval of time as well as boost your energy levels appreciably. Experts say pumpkin seeds are excellent for gym-goers; the burst of energy they provide help you get the most out of your gym effort. So, chomp on a handful of the roasted seeds half an hour prior to your workout.
  1. Yogurt: 7 oz. of dahi gives 20 grams of protein. In fact, dahi is your principal partner in your weight-loss journey. The fabulous combination of protein and pro-biotics helps you pep up the working of the GI tract, get rid of all the undesirable weight and torch belly fat quickly. This dream team ramps up your metabolism and improves the functioning of your immune system too. Dahi is undoubtedly one of the best protein sources for vegetarians!
  1. Almonds: 12 almonds give you about 6 grams of protein. Experts call almonds a weight-loss pill! When you follow a calorie-reduced diet and consume a quarter-cup of almonds daily, you can effectively bring down your weight within a period of 15 days. The nuts are an excellent source of amino acid L-arginine which burns greater amounts of fat and carbs during the workout. Fitness aficionados say that for best results, you should eat almonds right before you hit the gym. Also, nutritionists advocate eating a fistful of almonds around 11’oclock, it keeps you fuelled up till lunchtime and makes sure that you do not reach out for sugary snacks. Almonds sure are high protein foods for vegetarians!
  1. Eggs: Eggs are most definitely the easiest and most adaptible way to amp up on protein. 1 egg provides 7 grams of protein. What’s more, eggs are a nutrient powerhouse and boost your health radically - they're brimming over with amino acids, iron, fat-burning choline and powerful anti-oxidants.
  1. Fish: Fish is loaded with protein and it is the leader in the satiety area. 3 oz. of fish provide 15 grams of protein. Experts attribute the satiety factor of fish to its impressive protein content, which promises to keep you fuller for longer, thereby ensuring that you do not reach out for that bag of chips and do not gain undesirable weight. Fish also has a bearing on serotonin, a vital hormone which controls appetite signals. Try to integrate 3 servings of fish per week.
  1. Chicken: 3 oz. of cooked chicken proffers a solid 26 grams of protein. It is very essential that you include chicken in to your weekly meal line-ups and up your protein game! With a little innovation, you can cook up impressive chicken-based meals.

There are a host of options to choose from in order to get loads of protein in to your diet. Consuming a high protein diet is very crucial when it comes to building muscle mass, torching calories, getting rid of all the undesirable weight and feeling satisfied with your food. However, by and large, most of us have gotten into a rut, and we tend to depend on only a few principal sources of protein and this can get rather boring. So, break free from the same old egg and chicken routine, and add these protein rich foods to your menu!


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