Eating Healthy With Ready-To-Cook Meals
Dr. Shweta U. Shah

Dr. Shweta U. Shah
17 March 2020

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

Multi Grain Khichdi

Maintaining a well-balanced, nutritious diet is a very vital aspect of sustaining a healthy lifestyle – more so, for those who lead hectic lives. As our lives become busier, it becomes more challenging to prepare healthy meals at home. Those of us who are hard-pressed for time, often reach out for packaged foods and restaurant-cooked take-out. However, with a little bit of prudence and a little bit of planning, ready-to-cook meals can be a healthier option which can come to your rescue.

Opting for pre-mixes, which are made by sourcing the best ingredients in the perfect proportions, can help you eliminate all the tedious work that goes in meal preparation. It is important to choose pre-mixes which are healthy and without any artificial additives. Tata Sampann’s range of products meet these requirements perfectly. Tata Sampann’s Moong Dal Chilla Mix is a great option for a healthy breakfast and their Multi-Grain Khichdi Mix, the recipe for which has been crafted by Sanjeev Kapoor is the perfect nutritious and comforting choice for dinner.

These food packages guarantee you the united advantages of absolute convenience, nutrition and health, along with a host of varied recipes. Innovative chefs and dedicated nutritionists work together as a team to ensure that your meal is completely healthy, as well as delicious.

Still wondering why should you pick up a pre-mix

Still wondering why should you pick up a pre-mix?

  • The biggest advantage that readymade meals offer is their ability to save time and energy. Menu planning, groceries buying and meal cooking – all are time-laborious and consuming.
  • Ready-to-cook meals can be prepared and eaten any time, easily. Pre-mixes are especially useful and convenient for those who work late nights or irregular hours.
  • Cooking can be rather stressful, especially when you are working and have to feed a family comprising of people who have varied tastes and preferences. Ready-to-cook meals are a fantastic way of dealing with picky eaters, people having different dietary requirements and different tastes. With ready-to-cook meals, the entire family can eat together at the same time, with different plates of food.
  • Pre-mixes are very good value for money and also decrease food wastage significantly, particularly if you are cooking for one or two people.

Convenient foods or pre-mixes have become widely popular especially among the working class, teenagers, bachelors, etc. These foods are hugely convenient, shorten the time of meal reparation at home and provide adequate amounts of nourishment. Explore various food options that are available in the market today, and select the best fit for you. Pick an option that promises to provide authentic taste and maximum nutrition!


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