Easy Tips To Make Foods More Flavorful

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah.      .

When it comes to cooking 2 to 3 meals every single day, it can be rather challenging and overwhelming to find time to plan the week’s menu, figure out all the ingredients that you’ll require, hit up the grocery store, and embark on the elaborate process of making the meals.

Here’s how you simplify things for yourself.  What you need is flavorful freestyle dinner ideas that can be thrown together in a jiffy! These healthy meals can be dished up with a mere handful of ingredients and by adding a couple of ‘magic’ elements, they taste simply divine. Furthermore, making them is a cinch. Integrate these wonderful ingredients in to your recipes to banish the stress from your everyday dinnertime grind.

5 ‘magical’ ingredients that up your culinary game!

Forget complex recipes; here are 5 tasty ingredients that can help you make a meal in 20 to 30 minutes with a handful of certain versatile ingredients!

  1. Garam masala: Curried vegetables, stir-fries, grilled chicken, sauces and gravies, biryani, pulav, fish fry, whatever it is that you’re cooking up - you will not need to waste oodles of time and energy if you throw in a dash of the delicious garam masala! This masala can literally take your dish soaring sky high. Throw in your meat or vegetables, sprinkle your seasoning, add a smidge of the garam masala and cook. Once cooked, serve up and you’re done! Opt for Tata Sampann Garam Masala which is a unique recipe created by masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor. The spice blend contains spices with natural oils, making it a more delicious and healthier option.
  2. Chaat masala: Love the taste of fried foods, but looking to cut back on calories? Here’s the perfect solution. You can add the chaat masala to practically any dish and jazz it up! Add chaat masala to your chaats, sandwiches, grilled paneer, baked potatoes, salads, raitas – take your pick! What’s more the fabulous spices in the chaat masala serve up a host of antioxidants that are very good for you.
  3. Kasuri methi: If you're looking to dress up your old recipes or put a fun twist on your classic recipes, add some kasuri methi! You may hesitate to add dried fenugreek leaves to certain dishes, but we promise you that it’ll taste divine! Toss in some kasuri methi in methi thepla, aloo methi, methi malai mutter, paneer makhanwala, vegetable makhanwala, methi paratha, methi bhatura, kadhi, paneer tikka and scores more! Furthermore, being a leafy green, fenugreek is a superfood, and it provides you with generous amounts of quality nutrition, along with enhancing the dish’s flavor profile.
  4. Ginger-garlic paste: We're not sure why, but everything tastes a great deal better when you throw in some minced ginger garlic! To make all recipes stress-free, keep ginger-garlic paste handy and toss in liberal amounts in to the saucepan. Ginger-garlic adds so much drama to the dish and can make any meal scrumptious. Additionally, the two fabulous ingredients can help boost metabolism, fight infection, are packed with anti-inflammatory compounds and keep the waistline trim. Perfect for – mixed vegetables, spicy curries, Punjabi chole, rajma curry and so many more dishes.
  5. Lime juice: Crank up your gastronomic adventure by cooking your veggies or protein and seasoning them well. Once cooked, take off the fire and squeeze generous amounts of lime juice. Dals, chaats, vegetable gravies, spicy corn, aloo matter, sabudana khichdi, salads, and chutneys - the resulting dish is packed with nutrition and taste. Limes proffer potent anti-oxidants which help battle a multitude of chronic disorders.

Drizzling your dish with certain ‘special’ ingredients can simplify your task a great deal. So, jump on board and incorporate all these yummy ideas in to your weekly menu!

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