Do It Yourself (DIY) Meals That Kids Can Enjoy

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Do you need meal ideas to get your kids involved in the process of cooking? Well, here’s all the inspiration that you need - these healthy and fun ideas will be your favorite go-to to engage your kids! Whether its building tacos, assembling sandwiches or wraps, making a quick chaat, or whipping up some yummy milkshakes, you can pack in loads of nutrients into the dish and keep the kids happily occupied!

Enjoy cooking with your kids!

When it comes to raising a kid who will form healthy and wholesome dietary patterns, it is not just about coaxing him to eat his veggies. Making sure that your child enjoys a watermelon as much as he enjoys a cookie takes a great deal of patience and perseverance, and a ton of tact! Cooking with kids helps build their confidence, teaches them about different foods and their importance, provides sensory experiences and ensures that the child loves his food.

Try to make cooking a big part of your family culture. Look up new and fun recipes together and add them to your home cookbook. Shopping for groceries and cooking together helps the child build a culture of wellness and fortifies their dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

5 Recipes That Kids Can Help You Make!

When your child cooks, it helps construct positive associations with food. Rinsing vegetables, chopping them, rolling out the dough, adding masalas, assembling the dish – all these play a pivotal role in how your child will relate to food. Here are 5 recipes that are a cinch to make!

  • Wraps: Wraps are easy, delicious, and super healthy recipes for kids to cook. What’s more, you can make them healthier by adding a ton of veggies and sprouts. Hearty vegetables, tantalizing chutneys and whole cereal roti - this is bound to keep your kid fuelled up for hours. Use whole wheat, ragi, corn or any grain of your choice for the roti, add fresh and colorful veggies, add a dash of chutney and sprinkle some cheese and it’s done! Your kid will have a great time assembling the wrap and will eat it with oodles of pride and enthusiasm!
  • Kebabs: Kebabs make for the tastiest and easiest dinners. Stacked with tender pieces of flavorful, marinated paneer, fish, chicken or veggies – kebabs are complete show stoppers. These bites are something the whole family is sure to unanimously agree on. Get your kids to help you whisk the marinade together or thread everything onto the skewers and all you’ve to do is grill. Do bear in mind though that the kebabs will literally fly off the table, so make a huge batch. You could go with – paneer shashlik, grilled fruit, curried chicken, tandoori chicken, grilled fish or barbecued veggies. Kids can pick what they like the best!
  • Chaat: The perfect way to get your children to eat more protein! Sprouts chaat! Experiment with moong, math, chana, soy and rajma. It's literally a dump-and-go meal which your kid can throw together when you do not have the inclination or time to cook a snack. It is also an easy way to get your kids to eat all those extra nutrients without having to hound them! Legumes, veggies and yogurt – all in one big yummy bowl. Chutney, sev and roasted peanuts bring loads of fun and drama to the dish that your kid will simply love. Also, a smidge of chaat masala can really turn any dish around! Tata Sampann Chaat Masala has been crafted by masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor and is made from the choicest of spices, giving your snacks a tasty, tangy and fabulous touch!
  • Sandwiches: You just cannot go wrong with the quintessential sandwich that is loaded with vegetables. With all the tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, bell peppers, eggs and chicken, contrary to popular belief, a sandwich is a very nutritious and filling meal to give your children when you do not feel like spending long hours in the kitchen. The kids will find it irresistible to bring together the bread, butter, cheese, chutney and stuffing. Add some lettuce and cherry tomatoes for extra pizzazz. Easy, wholesome and can be whipped up in minutes!
  • Tacos: Tacos are super easy snacks for kids. Organize a taco night with your kids for fun filled evening. The children will love filling in the corn envelopes and are sure to eat their creation with relish! Made with lots of beans, veggies, and cheese, crunchy tacos are truly a perfect meal for kids.

Kids feel included when they are a part of the meal preparation. You must work in partnership with your children when selecting recipes as well as cooking. Together you can settle on what to make, what ingredients to use and how they can help out. Cooking helps the kid develop a healthy dietary pattern and creates plenty of happy memories in the kitchen!

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