Delicious Healthy Besan Snack Ideas

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Besan or gram flour is made from chana. The beans are roasted and powdered in to flour that is extremely versatile and can be employed in a host of yummy recipes. Recipes range from snacks, mains, side dishes, as well as mithai! Undeniably, there’s nothing that besan can’t do!

In addition to being super adaptable and totally appetizing, besan boasts of a very long catalogue of remarkable benefits. The flour is packed with protein and fibre; and together they keep you feeling fuller for longer. Chana promises to bring down cholesterol levels, stabilise blood glucose levels, and raise satiety. The legume encourages fat metabolism and squashes your appetite and importantly, it can tell your brain when you ought to stop eating. What’s more, the gram flour absorbs more water, thereby giving you more volume of batter. Try Tata Sampann Besan while you make these snacks. It is made of best quality 100% unpolished Chana Dal and low moisture grains and there is no mix of any other powders or flours.

Healthy besan snack ideas

From scrumptious snacks to nutritious mains to delectable desserts, you can actually construct an entire day’s menu around awesome besan! Let’s jump in to these healthy besan snack ideas:

1. Pakoda: The immediate word association that one makes with besan is pakoda! Classic and incredibly yummy – the pakodas are an out-and-out winner! Chopped potatoes, bell peppers, chilies, onions, brinjals and paneer – all are perfect for the pakoda. Traditionally, pakodas are marinated in spiced besan and then fried. Instead of frying, try adding some oil to the batter and bake them for a healthier dish. Teamed with mint-coriander chutney, these fritters are perfect as an evening snack.

2. Chilla: For this crêpe, the gram flour is combined with rava, moong dal, ginger, tomatoes, bottle gourd, onions, coriander and spices for an amazing meal that is sure to gratify you! This dish is super yummy, proffers you loads of protein, it has an insignificant amount of fat and the added advantage – the veggies provide a punch of antioxidants.

3. Methi muthias: Evening SnacksDo your kids turn their noses up when you say methi? Well, with this recipe they are sure to make a bee line for it! These gorgeous dumplings can be steamed or fried and they are made from besan, methi, coriander and a whole bunch of exciting spices. By adding fenugreek, you up your nutrient intake significantly and treat yourself to vital vitamins and minerals. What’s more, the muthias are delightfully delicious and team up well with ketchup or khajur (dates) chutney and make for the perfect evening snack.

4. Kothimbir vadi: This Maharashtrian delicacy is spicy and loaded with bags of flavour! Coriander, besan, onions and spices, marry well in this vadi! These are steamed and then shallow-fried. These wedges taste decadent and you can get in oodles of protein along with plenty of fibre by having this as a snack.

5. Khandvi: Extremely soft and melt- in-the-mouth, these tiny besan rolls are a very easy snack to make. Whip up a batch of these sunshine yellow rolls, dust them with chopped coriander and enjoy. The khandvi keeps you full for hours after and helps ward off energy dips.

6. Khaman dhokla: This soft and fluffy steamed cake tastes simply divine! A Gujarati specialty, this snack is perfect to beat the afternoon slump and absolutely ideal when the rain comes pouring down. Drizzle generous amounts of green chutney on the dhokla along with a sizzling tadka.

When it comes to combating hunger and snacking right, protein and fibre are a really forceful twosome! This fabulous pack of healthy besan snack ideas help us benefit loads from these two vital components and keep you fuelled up. As a fantastic bonus, these snacks are absolutely mouth-watering and you can eat them guilt-free!


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