Closing the iron deficiency gap with the right salt
Bonny Shah

Bonny Shah
12 March 2020

This article is authored by Bonny Shah. Bonny is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

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“True health infuses positive energy in the mind, body, spirit, and it is the main focus of everyone’s life” This realization can be only achieved if proper ingredients are infused in your daily food intake especially staples like rice, wheat flour, and double-fortified salt."

India as a country is still lagging behind when it comes to Iron deficiency. It continues to be a major public health problem across the rural or urban population. Thus, they have a significant effect on the growth and development of the country.

Globally, iron deficiency is prevalent in a staggering one-third of the world’s population as per the World Health Organization. Moreover, iron deficiency ranks number 9 among 26 risk factors included in the Global Burden of Diseases according to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information.

However, the World Health Organization states that the burden of iron-deficiency anaemia is very high in India. It is 3.0 times higher than the average globally for other geographies at a similar level of development. The most common type of anaemia, iron deficiency anaemia occurs when the body doesn’t have enough of the mineral - iron. Human body needs iron to make haemoglobin. When there isn’t enough iron in your blood stream, the body can’t get the amount of oxygen it requires, making iron an extremely crucial element for well-being.

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But the question that still arises how to fill this deficiency?

The solution to it must have stability, acceptability and availability across the nation. There are many ways that can be used to cope up with the iron deficiency, one suggested way which has proven to be successful and easy to use is double-fortified salt (DFS) or “Table Salt”. Double-fortified salt is so called because it is fortified with both – Iodine as well as Iron.

It is an ideal vehicle for consuming micronutrients and relatively inexpensive to fortify. It is consumed by everyone in equal measures, irrespective of economic status and dietary differences. Iron-fortified salt can be industrially processed. The iodization of salt worldwide has been an outstanding public health success story, leading to remarkable reductions in iodine deficiency disorders. Similar approach can help deal with iron deficiency.

Therefore, it is important to pick the right salt that can tackle the iron deficiency and at the same time give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. Tata Salt Plus is India’s first iron-fortified iodized salt that provides up to 50% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Iron. Along with iron-rich food in the diet, this salt will be an added advantage.


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