Classic Indian Jeera Drinks

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The summer heat is fully underway, and you most definitely need to cool off with some iced drinks! There are a host of recipes to pick from, and it may be rather tough to select just one! We’ve rounded up 5 drinks for you which can be easily made at home with jeera powder to add a zing. Cold fruit juice or chilled lemonade can be refreshing, but let’s face it; sometimes you crave something that’s fun, creative and different! The jeera (cumin) shines through all these recipes and is the real show-stopper of the drink!

Cumin for the Indian summer!

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Cumin belongs to the parsley family. The seeds are brown-grey and have an oblong shape. The jeera is a very extensively used condiment in the world. It has very high iron content; in fact, 1 spoon of cumin seeds provides 22 % of your daily requirement.

Jeera proffers numerous health benefits, the chief being its prominent role in aiding digestion and facilitating weight loss. Thymol – the active principle perks up digestion, deals with flatulence, tummy upsets and spasms; all of which are fairly common during the hot summer months. What’s more, when digestion is smooth and easy, the body temperature does not escalate and this is very crucial during the summer. Along with adding flavour, jeera powder contributes many health benefits to your dishes and drinks.

5 refreshing summer drinks where jeera is the star!

It's just not summer unless you have an ice-cold drink in hand! Upgrade your drinks this summer season with these jeera-based cool summery drinks which will not disappoint you!

1. Jal jeera: Immunity boosting foods Let’s kick this off with a spin on a summer classic! Jal jeera is quintessentially lemonade with a very flavorful twist lent to it by - roasted and powdered jeera powder, a smidge of pepper and a dash of rock salt. Tata Rock Salt is the perfect blend of taste and health for this drink! Packed with essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium and potassium, bring the goodness of Tata Rock Salt to your summer drink! Throw in a couple of fresh mint leaves as well to give the drink a freshness. You could also crank it up a notch by adding a little club soda. This fabulous brew is sweet, salty, a little tart, zesty and too easy to make!

2. Tamarind cooler: A fairly unknown drink from the Marwar region of Rajasthan, Imli ka Amlana or the tamarind cooler is a delightful combination of tamarind, black salt, roasted spices (of which jeera is a part) and mint leaves. Sweet, sharp, sour, tangy and spicy – all at the same time, it is an absolutely delicious way to cool off during the scorching summer. This one is bound to be a huge hit at your next summer party and it’s great for your health too!

3. Chaas: Nothing screams summer louder than chilled chaas! One sip and you'll fall in love with this satisfying drink that wonderfully balances sweet and acid. Pro-biotic packed dahi, a dash of salt and a suggestion of sugar – and you’re done! You can add some more flavors and tailor your drink by adding chopped coriander and dusting of jeera powder!

5. Ragi ambali: The ideal thirst-quencher, this beverage made from millets is well-loved across Karnataka. A traditional drink, chockfull of all the vital nutrients and proffering remarkable health benefits, it promises to deliver an immediate energy boost when you feel exhausted and worn-out from the sweltering heat. Serve chilled with a sprinkling of jeera powder. Always use Tata Sampann Jeera Powder to add the health benefits of jeera powder to your drinks.

Staying hydrated in summer is extremely important to your well-being. Ensure that you always have a bottle of water handy when you step out of your house and when you return home, a jug of one of these drinks waiting to refresh you.


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