Chutneys – Delicious Partners For Breakfast

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Chutneys boast of versatility and varieties. These condiments usually comprise of fruit, veggies, vinegar, salt and sugar that’s been cooked down to a reduction. The word chutney originates from the Sanskrit word catni, which means to lick – and undoubtedly, the chutneys are absolutely finger-licking delicious! Interestingly, apart from the scrumptiousness, chutneys promise a host of health benefits ranging from – pepping up digestion, battling flatulence to managing cholesterol levels and diabetes mellitus and being a brilliant detox agent.

Tangy, exciting, and exploding with fabulous flavors, you cannot but love this versatile and yummy condiment!  You can explore and create a wide array of chutneys and it makes for an awesome accompaniment to your meals. Making chutney at home is not hard at all; all you require is a wee bit of patience, so that all the ingredients and flavors blend together beautifully while they simmer!

7 gorgeous chutney recipes!

Here are 7 quick, easy and really delectable chutneys. They pair fantastically with a lot of dishes and the spicy, tangy, savory, zesty and sweet taste of the condiment turns the most boring dish into a delicacy! Let’s get started!

  1. Mango chutney:Mango, ginger, and red chilies blend beautifully with jeera, coriander powder, haldi, cloves, nigella seeds and cardamom. All these flavourful spices lend robust and stimulating taste to the chutney! Salt, sugar and vinegar is added and the chutney is reduced to a delicious potion. The mango chutney is sweet, tangy and spicy, and pairs perfectly with your breakfast parathas.
  2. Tomato chutney: Rather than mopping up preservative-loaded ketchup, opt for fresh, homemade tomato chutney. The star ingredient of this nuanced adaptation of the ketchup is - lycopene laden tomatoes which proffer a mountain of health benefits and transform superbly in to this lovely condiment. A tangy, yet sweet oxidant-packed chutney, this one’s unbelievably yummy! What’s more, it is pretty straightforward to make, and that’s a colossal win! The tomatoes, onions and chili give the chutney a beautiful color and a lovely texture. It goes wonderfully well with idlis, dosas, and uttapams.
  3. Coconut chutney: This chutney recipe is hands-down the very best, a huge favorite with everyone and a complete cinch to make. Fresh coconut, a little bit of coriander and a dash of yogurt - and you have a mind-blowing condiment which is a must when you are gorging on dosas, idlis, uttapams and upma! The green chili packs in a lot of punch and the coconut is a mega nutrition powerhouse.
  4. Coriander-mint chutney: The beauty of this chutney is that you can put your own fun twist on it! A striking electric green chutney, it comprises of coriander leaves, mint leaves, chilies, chaat masala and lime. To amp up on the color, you can add a few leaves of spinach as well! Not only does it impart a pretty color, it also takes your nutrition quotient sky-high. You could also go the extra mile and blend in ginger, amchoor and hing. This chutney recipe boosts digestion, soothes the stomach and gives you a bunch of essential vitamins and minerals. It is fantastic for diabetics; given that coriander pledges to stabilize blood sugar levels successfully. The ideal sandwich spread, coriander-mint chutney is perfect for toasted sandwiches.
  5. Garlic-chili chutney: This tongue-titillating chutney is absolutely brilliant! The freshness of the ingredients and the burst of flavors will have you jumping with joy. This chutney recipe is exceedingly simple to make, even for the inexperienced. Furthermore, garlic brings down cholesterol levels and keeps your heart happy! Chili and garlic flakes combine seamlessly to give you this fiery red chutney that gives a tremendous vibrancy to your breakfast vadas and chillas.
  6. Dates chutney: The khajur chutney gives a very agreeable sweet jolt to the taste buds and goes well with all types of snacks. Brimming over with beta D glucan, dates are recommended for diabetics; they help keep the blood sugar level normal and ward off oscillations. They also work beneficially on the GI tract and support digestion. Powdered jeera, tamarind and chaat masala take the dates to a whole new exciting level.
  7. Groundnut chutney: This Andhra-style chutney is a real show-stealer! The mustard seeds and urad dal are the huge game changers in this recipe! Roasted urad dal, chana dal and groundnuts, amalgamate with cumin, fresh coconut, tamarind, and red chilies in this beautiful chutney. It is a no-cook recipe, but roasting the ingredients before grinding, cranks it up a notch. The tadka gives the chutney the extra zing. Team the chutney with idlis, dosas, poha and upma.

The key to making delicious chutneys is using fresh ingredients and authentic spices which not only lend flavor but also add color to your creations. Use authentic spices such as jeera, turmeric, red chili powder and chaat masala from Tata Sampann’s range. All of these spices contain natural oils which are responsible for their health benefits and beautiful color. Try these recipes or create some of your own by taking inspiration from these chutney recipes. Keep us posted by leaving your feedback below!



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