Celebration of Ram Navami with delicious food

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Food is an integral aspect of all our celebrations, regardless of the culture or religion. It unites and strengthens community bonds and promotes a common personality amongst a faction of people. Ram Navami commemorates the birthday of Lord Ram. Nothing says ‘happy birthday’ more than a hearty and heartfelt feast! There are numerous delicious dishes that are made on Ram Navami to make the day extra special!

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7 Yummy Ram Navami recipes

It’s a big birthday, and you must pull out all the stops! What better way to celebrate Ram Navami than with a scrumptious meal? We’ll bring you the menu; you bring the diyas and flowers!

  1. Panakam: The gorgeous lemon powers this iconic drink that is specially made on Ram Navami. Lemon juice, jaggery, ginger powder, cardamom powder and black pepper come together beautifully in this appetizing beverage that hails from South India. The zesty citrus fruit provides a ton of vitamin C and makes you feel revitalized and rejuvenated. Adding a couple of tulsi leaves is a real game-changer and jazzes up the drink appreciably! Serve chilled.
  1. Koshambari: This South Indian salad comprises of moong dal, chana dal, cucumber and carrots, with a brilliant tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves. Grated coconut sprinkled on top highlights the dish and how! Packed with vitamins A, C, and K, a ton of protein, gut-friendly fibre and potent anti-oxidants – this salad is a superhero! It’s a fairly underrated salad; however it is really delicious and gives the super-foods the spotlight they deserve. 
  1. Neer moru: This super luscious spicy buttermilk is a very healthy way to pack in a ton of protein and a mega punch of pro-biotics – both of these boost gut health and provide generous amounts of calcium and vitamin B 12.
  1. Sundal: Black chana, spices and coconut amalgamate seamlessly together in this quick and fairly effortless dish which packs in one forceful punch of nutrition. Kala chana is crammed with protein and fibre – in addition to keeping you fuller for longer, the beans boost digestive health, improve blood fat regulation, and bring down levels of cholesterol. Tata Sampann Pulses are sourced from the best organic farms and are processed and packaged in a scientific and hygienic manner.
  1. Sooji halwa: The quintessential Ram Navami dessert – sooji ka halwa is a gorgeous pudding made from semolina, ghee and nuts. Cardamom and nutmeg have a pivotal role to play in the recipe, making the dessert taste heavenly! Slivered almonds, cashews and pistachios lend a wonderful crunch and help you amp up on protein.
  1. Dahi aloo: Potatoes can be yummy as well as nutritious. The spud is quite a popular veggie, but often gets a bad reputation. The way the spud is cooked can do harm, but when they're not fried, the potatoes can provide you with a lot of nutrition. This fabulous recipe combines potatoes and yogurt in a very lightly spiced curry. It's a super simple and good-for-you recipe!
  1. Rajgira paratha: Made from rajgira or amaranth flour, this flatbread is the mainstay of the Ram Navami vrat meal. Combined with jeera powder, dahi and ghee, the dough is soft and the flatbread turns out to be a guaranteed crowd pleaser! Amaranth proffers a good amount of protein – that keeps you full for a long interval of time, making it perfect for when you are fasting. It also gives you a generous dose of fibre and calcium and is a great gluten-free flatbread! This paratha pairs well with the dahi aloo as well as the sundal.

If you’ve been struggling to decide your menu for Ram Navami, these fantastic ideas will please everyone! This round-up of recipes are comfort foods for a touching birthday meal, the ideal way to celebrate Ram Navami!


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