Beverages Good For Your Digestion

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The gastrointestinal tract is a highly complex system. It houses billions of good bacteria that help us process food, boost the immune mechanism and enhance overall health. The GI tract has diverse microorganisms which make up our microbiome. Our lifestyle – diet, mental health and physical activity – all have a bearing on the microbiome, and this in turn influences our well-being.

Pre- and post- dinner drinks and beverages can help perk up digestion and ginger up the working of the GI tract. These are especially useful for those who tend to suffer from frequent bouts of stomach upsets, gassy distension of the abdomen, flatulence, acidity, heartburn, nausea, poor digestion and irregular bowel movement.

5 super effective digestive drinks!

If you are looking to steer clear off or reduce gastro-intestinal troubles, then altering your GI-unfriendly habits can improve your gut health—and consequently your life as well.

  1. Ginger decoction: This one’s a perfect drink for digestion boosting! In fact, ginger pani is the most celebrated spokesperson of the digestive category! A quintessential post-meal drink, ginger pani can help pep up your digestion, fight flatulence and ward off acidity and nausea very effectively. These fabulous properties have been attributed to the gingerols in the root which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents.
  2. Cumin decoction: The flavor profile of jeera pani isn’t quite for everyone, but it reigns supreme as a digestive. This iconic digestion-booster can help tackle acidity and heartburn effectually; it is also a carminative and treats a bloated abdomen well. Those who are vulnerable to frequent bouts of GI distress should have a cup of jeera pani after every meal. Amp up on the goodness of this sipper by adding a dash of black salt. Tata Black Salt has the goodness of amla, behara and minerals such as potassium and iron – thus providing you with a ton of wholesomeness. The cumin seed and black salt combination is just the thing to get your gastric system back on track!
  3. Fennel and fenugreek concoction: Here’s how to improve digestion naturally at home – saunf and methi! This drink is bitter with an underlying sweetness. It works wonderfully well after-dinner. Given that methi seeds are intensely bitter with robust spice notes, it is perfect for ending the night. If you find it too bitter, increase the proportion of fennel seeds. This drink can help pacify an irritable GI, settle the stomach and calm you down as bedtime draws near.
  4. Coconut water: Undoubtedly, the very best drink for digestion! Kick-start your day as well as your gastrointestinal tract with a glass of fresh coconut water. Nariyal pani is soothing for the tummy; it can battle nausea and wards off acidity. Coconut water provides you with a mega dose of calcium, potassium and magnesium, along with a generous amount of antioxidants – these help keep your GI in good form.
  5. Mint tea: Fight indigestion and bloating with mint! Incredibly herbal, the mint tea is just what the doctor ordered. The health benefits of pudina deserve a lot of love! Mint has always been used in folk medicine and research substantiates all its wonderful health benefits. Mint improves the bile flow through the stomach, and this perks up digestion. It allays flatulence rapidly and relieves discomfort linked to bloating. Mint tea is a mild, slightly sweet herbal tea which can help you jump-start your day!

Whether you are grappling with an occasional heartburn, infrequent nausea and vomiting, gassy tummy or have been diagnosed with GERD, it would be extremely advisable to understand your triggers that may be setting off the GI upsets; and you need to fix them. Common triggers include - inadequate water intake, consuming too much soda, an irregular dietary pattern, sedentary lifestyle and eating heavy, greasy meals. Alongside, you ought to integrate these fantastic digestive drinks that will significantly improve the working of your GI tract.

Reference: The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, Dr. Michael Murray and Dr. Pizzorno.

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