Besan Laddoos With A Twist

There are very few sweets as iconic as the besan laddoo. Dry roasted besan is mixed with ghee, sugar and dry fruits to make this mouth-watering delicacy. Besan or gram flour is packed with protein, good fat, fibre and many other beneficial nutrients. Ghee is also full of oil soluble vitamins A, E, K2 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). It has medium chain fatty acids, that are absorbed directly by the liver and burned as energy. Ghee, in moderation, can be good for health. It is the high amount of processed sugar in this recipe, which makes it unhealthy.

There are many alternatives to make this recipe healthier and have this sweet as a protein-filled snack. These twists to the traditional besan laddoo recipes are not only delicious but they also add to the nutritional content.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

With a dash of peanut butter and chocolate

This recipe of besan laddoos replaces the ghee with crunchy peanut butter, an excellent source of protein and good fats. If you are using sweetened peanut butter, you can reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe to make it healthier and customize it to your taste. The rest of the recipe stays the same. Add a pinch of cinnamon to enhance the taste of the flour and use homemade dark chocolate sauce to decorate your peanut butter besan laddoo.

Sugarless Besan

Sugarless besan laddoos

Want something completely sugarless? Try replacing processed sugar with a natural sweetener such as dates. Boil 10-15 dates and almonds in some water, remove the seeds and make this into a paste. Roast besan with ghee on a low flame, add a teaspoon of flaxseed powder, and sprinkle a bit of water on this mixture. Add the date-almond paste to the roasted besan. Knead it and form laddoos.

Nutritional Content

Increase the nutritional content

Need your sugar fix? Here’s another way to make besan laddoos healthier and increase its nutritional value. Add almond powder to besan while dry roasting it. Add powdered sugar to this after taking it off the flame. Add melted ghee to this and form laddoos. Garnish the laddoos with some powered almonds or pistachios.

Make all of these recipes and even the traditional besan laddoo recipe healthier by using Tata Sampann’s besan flour. It is made from 100% premium quality Chana Dal, ensuring better taste and quality.


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