Beat that summer lethargy: Uses of rock salt
Bonny Shah

Bonny Shah
29 April 2020

This article is authored by Bonny Shah. Bonny is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

If you’ve noticed that you feel lazy, sluggish or less productive during the summer months, you’re not alone. We generally feel tired more easily than we normally do as the temperature gets hotter, and particularly during the initial weeks of summer as our body adjusts to the seasonal changes.

Why We Feel Lethargic During Summer

All our bodily processes, whether physical or mental use the same energy source that is glucose. Our body employs complex hormonal and metabolic processes to help us maintain our ideal temperature. This includes perspiration and vasodilation or the dilation of blood vessels to allow increased blood flow to the skin surface for cooling. Thus, it takes fuel to keep us cool. As more of our resources go towards temperature regulation, we tend to feel more tired during the summer. This also means that more resources are diverted away from the brain making us less productive, slower to make decisions or more likely to shy away from making important decisions altogether.

How to Beat Heat Lethargy

Your body is capable of self-regulating its temperature up to a certain extent. However, prolonged exposure to intense heat can cause problems such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and in extreme cases, heat stroke. Here’s what you can do to help ease the burden of temperature regulation on your body during the summer.

1. Stay Hydrated
How to Beat Heat Lethargy
It is important to make sure you’re getting enough water and salts to stay hydrated and maintain your water-electrolyte balance. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day and incorporate hydrating fruits and vegetables like watermelon, oranges, cucumbers and celery into your diet. Natural juices are an excellent way to make sure you’re staying hydrated. Simply toss the fruits or veggies of your choice in the blender, add a bit of rock salt to taste, give it a whiz and voila!

2. Eat Light
Our appetites tend to decline in the summer, and skipping meals can seem like a harmless way of dealing with the heat. However, as we’ve learned, our bodies need fuel to function properly and regulate our internal temperature. Thus, skipping meals will only make us feel more lethargic. Instead, it helps to eat lighter meals more frequently. Salads are a great option to keep your energy levels up. For a quick and simple salad, chop up your favourite fruits or vegetables and mix them together. Use rock salt or chaat masala to season it and dig in.

3. Get moving
The last thing you may feel like doing when you’re tired is exercising. But many studies show that physical activity boosts energy levels. Although almost any exercise is good, yoga may be especially effective for boosting energy. You can also try some easy home exercises.

4. Get good sleep
Lack of sleep also causes lethargy. Ensure you are having a good night’s sleep and if needed, take a nap in the day. Napping restores wakefulness and promotes performance and learning. A 10-minute nap is usually enough to boost energy.

Rock Salt Uses

Rock salt not only helps you stay hydrated, but helps enhance the flavour of foods too. When added to fruits, it helps bring out their natural flavours. And what’s more, it is rich in essential trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, thus providing you with the nutrients you need to keep your body functioning optimally.

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