Do Spices Help Boost Immunity?
Immune Boosting Spices

India’s love affair with spices is known all over the world. But our understanding of spices may be limited. They’re not just used to induce beads of sweat down your forehead and their purpose goes beyond adding flavour and colour to your food. For ages, they have been used to treat several health problems.¹ᵃ

But that’s not all. Spices can also help improve your immune system, helping you fight harmful bacteria. Let’s take a look at a few spices that you absolutely need in your life to strengthen your body’s immunity.

Haldi - spices for immunity

Haldi: For a 'Haldi-er' Living

Haldi (turmeric) is that quintessential spice that finds its way into almost all Indian dishes. But did you know that taking it can boost your immune system and help fight off cold?¹ The medicinal properties of curcumin, its active ingredient, are so powerful that you can even call it a magic herb.² So if you have ever hoped for a miracle during a stubborn cold, you know what to try.

Lal mirch - Immune boosting spices

Lal Mirch Powder to stay out of the red

Lal mirch (red chilli) powder is so much more than that the spice that adds colour and a fiery twist to your dishes. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in lal mirch, is said to help control metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes.³ Now you have a legit reason to make those dishes sharp with a measured addition of red chilli powder.

Jeera - spices for immunity

Hold the Fort with Jeera

Let’s be honest - the only good thing about being hit with a bad tummy is getting to sip on jal-jeera. That’s not all there is to the jeera (cumin seeds) in this refreshing drink, though. It is a great source of iron and rich with nutrients. These nutrients act as your body’s natural defense system. ⁴

Dhania powder - Immune boosting spices

Stay Cool and add some Dhania Powder

You might have been recommended chicken soup when you take ill. But did you know that Dhania (coriander) powder is also loaded with antibacterial properties that can help protect your body from infections?⁵ The unique flavour and cooling effect of dhania powder makes it a must-have spice on the kitchen shelf.It is another spice that is good for your immune system!

Amazed by Mother Nature’s ability to heal yet? The good news is that there are so many more spices, each with their unique healing properties. So when you fall ill next time, you know what to reach for - the spice box in your kitchen. Know what to use when and how and it might just help you recover from your illness speedily.



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